FBI Information Technology Supplies and Support Services 2nd Generation (ITSSS-2)

This is a BPA to provide IT Support Services, including technical support services and qualified personnel, to the FBI and other DOJ components. These personnel will perform a range of advisory and technical services. The following service areas constitute the technical scope of this BPA:

  • Workplace Solutions/Services

  • Business Application Solutions/Services

  • Delivery Solutions/Services

  • Platform Solutions/Services

  • Infrastructure Solutions/Services

  • Emerging Technologies

  • Other IT Solutions/Services

  • Ordering Period: Base Year: 6/21/2024 – 6/20/2025, with seven (7) one-year Option Periods, and an option for a 6-month extension.

  • CAGE: 79G93

  • Contact: ITSSS2@JCSSolutions.com