JCS Titan

JCS is proud to offer an advanced data platform titled “JCS Titan.” JCS Titan is built with a foundation designed to allow for flexibility in identifying and incorporating new technologies to quickly and effectively meet the needs of our clients.

Capabilities of the JCS Titan Platform

JCS Titan is a web-based analytic tool hosted in AWS Commercial Cloud and AWS GovCloud. Our JCS Titan platform is ideal for endeavors including cybersecurity, digital operations centers, big data, dashboarding, and military real-time operations.

Features of JCS Titan include:

  • Continuous Monitoring and Machine Learning

  • Intelligent Alerts and Agile Multi-Source Data

  • Straight-through-Processing and Automation

  • Shared Situational Awareness

  • Secure Information Sharing

  • Smart Analytics and Adaptive Visualization

  • AWS GovCloud and Microsoft Azure DoD cloud Environments

  • Authentication with existing Active Directory environments

  • Incorporates DoD and NIST regulations

If you’re interested in finding out more about what JCS Titan can do to support your mission, please contact us today. JCS maintains various live case studies that demonstrate JCS Titan’s unique capabilities.