Our Capabilities

  • Health IT

    From software implementation to data migration, JCS harnesses the potential to transform your IT systems by bolstering them with the latest tools, technologies and communication services.


    • Electronic Health Records

    • Health IT Research and Solutions

    • Health Data Integration

    • Health Analytics

    • Health Data Reporting and Analysis

    • Mobile Health Technologies

    • Marketing and Communications

    • Health Data Management

  • IT Services and Solutions

    JCS supports customers with expert software solutions, specifically designed with each company’s needs in mind. From design to implementation, our team provides concepts, planning, and development solutions to streamline processes and improve efficiency. Customers receive cost-effective and fully integrated software solutions which enhance business performance.


    • Full Lifecyle IT Support and Services

    • IT Infrastructure and Services

    • Mobile Applications

    • Enterprise Architecture & Design

    • Information and Data Management

    • Service Desk and Service Center Solutions

    • Enterprise Solutions and Services

    • Workflow Automation

    • Big Data and Analytics

    • Systems Engineering

    • Business Intelligence

    • Cloud Computing

  • Cyber Security

    We offer comprehensive security management and support services.


    • eMASS Maintenance and Correlation

    • Cyber Security Assessments

    • Process Assessment and Automation Support

    • Risk Identification and Valuation

    • Continuity of Operations Planning

    • Multi-Domain Solution including Voice & Video

    • Insider Threat Program Support

    • Risk Management Framework

    • Security Architecture

    • Security Policy Management

    • Security Training

    • Vulnerability Management

    • Intrusion Detection / Incident Management

  • Management Consulting

    Our sophisticated solutions seamlessly integrate with your company to improve productivity and efficiency while minimizing risk. We give clients clear strategic plans which are adaptable to any environment.


    • Program and Project Management

    • Performance Management

    • Studies and Analyses

    • Strategic Planning

    • Decision Intelligence and Advanced Analytics

    • Life Cycle Cost Estimates

    • Business Process Management

    • Strategic Communications

    • Change Management

    • Transformation Planning and Strategic Change

  • Advanced Analytics

    JCS Titan

    JCS Solutions is proud to offer an advanced data platform titled “JCS Titan”. JCS Titan is built with a foundation designed to allow for flexibility in identifying and incorporating new technologies to quickly and effectively meet the needs of our clients.

    JCS Titan’s Capabilities

    JCS Titan is a web based analytic tool hosted in AWS Commercial cloud and AWS GovCloud. Ideal for any endeavor including Cyber Security, Digital Operations Centers, Big Data, Dashboarding, and Military Real-Time Operations.

    • Shared Situational Awareness

    • Smart Analytics and Adaptive Visualization

    • Continuous Metrics Monitoring

    • Intelligent Alerts

    • Secure Information Sharing

    • Straight through Processing and Automation

    • Agile Multi-Source Data Correlation

    If you’re interested in finding out more about what JCS Titan can do to support your mission, please reach out to us. We maintain various live use-cases demonstrating JCS Titan’s unique capabilities.